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Spuffy Haven

A Place for Us

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Spuffy Haven – A Place for Us


This is a haven created to delve into all things Spuffy. A place where you are free to let out your inner Spuffy dreams and desires, safe in the knowledge that you are amongst friends.

The only ship here is Spuffy.


A moderated community to share and celebrate everything Spuffy

• Fic
• Artwork
• Debates
• Challenges
• Recs
• Love

With an emphasis on encouraging and nurturing new talent taking their first steps into writing and creating art.


Subject to change as need arises, but to start with:


• All posts will automatically be made ‘Friends Only’- so you won't have to bother!
• If you are linking your fic/art to somewhere that is other than Spuffy Haven, you MUST make it clear, ie, 'Fake cut' or 'Link to my LJ', would be suitable.
• Fics should be clearly marked with ratings.
• Manips/Fanart – Spike’s and/or Buffy’s bits and bobs should be placed under a cut tag with appropriate warnings above the cut.
• Fic longer than a drabble (including NC17 drabbles) should be placed under a cut in consideration to Friends pages – but please ensure the content/rating is shown.
• Art larger than 3 icons should similarly be placed under a cut tag.
• Fic purely bashing either Spike or Buffy will be deleted – this is a Spuffy site!
• NO RPF or RPS – there are other places for that and it’s not here.
• NO really dark fic/art – torture etc – again, these belong elsewhere. If in doubt feel free to contact the moderators – we recommend darker_spike, darker_spuffy or a_darker_buffy as a community which delves into the darker side – members may need to be 18 or over to join.
• AU/AR welcome – just ensure that it is clearly marked.
• We want to restrict the fiction posted here on Spuffy Haven to - you guessed - Spuffy. This means no threesomes of any flavour, even if Spuffy makes up two points of the triangle.


• Be generous with your enthusiasm for fic and art that you have enjoyed. TELL the creator and make their day.
• Be tactful and courteous if you are delivering criticism – growth needs gentle nurturing, not a cloudburst!
• NO plagiarism. Please bring anything of this nature to the attention of one of the mods. We will check and report it to stop_plagiarism and the member will be banned if suspicions are founded.
• NO reposting of art or fic without the permission of the creator.
• Other characters from BtVS and AtS will be discussed and commented on from time to time, and their strengths and weaknesses explored. Strong opinions allowed, but should at all times stay within the boundaries of (relative) good taste. We are here to celebrate Spuffy, NOT attack the preferences of others (even if we don’t agree with them!).
• Under no circumstances will flaming of Authors/Artists be allowed. It leads to the destruction of the fandom and is completely demoralizing. As Mama said: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Violators of this rule will be warned/banned depending on circumstances.
• If you have a site or community you would like to pimp - be it for fiction, art, or something that can be associated with Spuffy - then please run it by one of the mods (email found in HERE) before making a post. Any pimping posts without an OK will be deleted.

The above will be amended as experience and need dictates


Link to Spuffy Haven

Snag the link button, save it to your own photobucket account and link it to us with the code provided here.

spuffyficrecs || 10yearsofbtvs


Spike and Buffy - in fact all characters from either Buffy The Vampire Slayer or Angel The Series - is owned by Joss or ME...or someone who is not us. And that is sad. We do this for fun, not profit. But...Joss said if we had a spare hour we should write fanfic, and so we do. And the art just comes naturally.