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Well it looks like we need a new banner!

Hi folks

Hope you are all well and enjoying life. If you have any Spuffy love around and feel your artistic muscles need a bit of a flexing then do treat us all to a view of the banner you think should now grace the community since PB has devoured the last one. It did us well but we all need a bit of a refresh now and then!

Do share Spuffy Haven prospective banners throughout the rest of February and we shall have a vote in March for the new artwork.


Just Sue
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Spuffy Haven Sunday Post

New Sunday Post Challenge for December

December – the days are growing ever shorter as we barrel towards the holiday season, and more chock-full of things to do than ever before. It’s a time when thoughts turn to family and friends (which are sometimes indistinguishable) and wistfully to those no longer here to share our joy with us.

Full out sharing and caring for one another, or reluctant and grudging acceptance – either way, there’s a mountain of stories to be told through words or images, and we’d love to see your take on it.

Make with the Happy and Merry and wrap your offerings with pretty ribbons and place them under Spuffy Haven’s Sunday Post banner. First posting date is tomorrow, December 1st. As always, the prompt runs for the entire month.

Spike and Buffy would be thrilled to have your help in adding some sparkle and tinsel to Spuffy Haven.
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Spuffy Kindred Souls

New Sunday Post Challenge for November

November greetings, Spuffy Haven residents. Another month brings another Sunday post challenge.

Two Sides of the Same Coin

November is a less than moderate month. It brings with it cold, chilly rains, grey skies and a slump in spirits after the gaiety (or horror) of Halloween. It’s all about point of view, isn’t it?

Then again, November also brings crisp, clear sunny days that make each breath you take invigorating and life affirming. And Guy Fawkes Day for the Brits amongst us. The end of Daylight Savings Time and Thanksgiving for us Yanks.

There’s plenty of material here – something for everyone if you dig deep enough. Calling all you wonderful artists and authors to your computers for a little something special as we head towards winter. (Plus, I could definitely use an emotional boost these days. So what if I’m greedy… sue me!)

First posting date is Sunday (of course), November 3rd.
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Going Public

A few weeks ago we had a poll about having posts made public. The majority of those who voted said to go for it. But some didn't feel quite the same. I hope I have a solution here that will make most of you happy with future posts here (and we would like to see you posting... pretty please).

As of now I have changed the settings to make the security default for all posts 'public'. If you only want members to read your post, just like you always used to, then that is absolutely fine and your perogative. However, you must remember to change the security setting to 'members' when you post. I hope that is okay with most of you but please comment if you can see a better solution.

I have left posting access to members only as I don't feel it would be putting anybody out to join the community in order to post.

Please feel free to comment or make suggestions - correct errors!

BFN! xxx
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The Sunday Post - Theme for October

Oh, dear! Your semi senile mods have had a lapse and forgotten to give you a theme for this month’s Sunday Post. Apologies all.

We have two themes for you this month: forget and forgive. For some reason we thought that apt as we forgot and can only hope that you forgive. *g*

Forget can be as narrow or wide as you wish. Go for the full Tabula Rasa or something more specific, like a missed birthday or something missed from a shopping trip.

Forgive can be the same. Could be forgiveness for some mega meddling resulting in bad stuff, for forgetting that birthday, or for that bit of shopping.

Choose one or both, whatever rocks your boat. We look forward to seeing what develops.

Have at it! *hugs*
Spuffy Haven

(no subject)

Welcome Gentle Spuffy Lovers.

Our desire is to take you where everyone has gone before. But that you do it your way.

There may be grey skies ahead, but while there’s music…and dancing… Oh, that was Sweet, wasn’t it? But dance…that’s all they’ve ever done.

Whether it be mazurkahs or waltzes, polkas or Charleston, or hands, knees and bumpsedaisy…it was always a dance.

The purpose, the mission as it were, for this leap into the Spuffy unknown is to bring together those of a like mind, a like heart, a like… I’ve been warned not to mention soul. It is a sore point with some.

The point is – and we are not talking nasty wooden ones – that we love Spuffy. It might not be pretty…but it’s real. And we would like to invite the Spuffy lovers to join us here at Spuffy Haven to celebrate that pairing…to infinity and beyond. Or, if you prefer - never give up, never surrender.

And so, gentlefolk, we – the Yank, the Aussie and the Limey – cordially invite you to join us in our quest to delve into the possibilities of what could have, would have, should have happened to Spike and Buffy…but didn’t. This is your chance to put it right - in words and art. In a place that welcomes, nay, encourages and needs new blood to merge with the old, to give us the strength to go on. It’s always about the blood.

Andrea, Amy & Sue

ETA: We love having new members but...blank LJs, ones that do not exhibit Spuffy as an interest, or a set of mutual friends that are recognisibly Spuffycentric, are unlikely to be accepted. We mean no offence by this and you are welcome to leave a message in the comments if you have been refused membership and feel we have made an error of judgement. Sue
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